Beautiful Creatures: Movie Trailer

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Hey guys!!

So, have any of you all either read the book Beautiful Creatures, or have heard of it (I've read it). Well, they're coming out with the movie, and here is the trailer for it:

Does anyone else feel weird in that the fact that they used actors/ actresses that look way older than teenagers in high school. While I was watching the trailer, the one thing I thought the whole time was: I DO NOT LOOK THAT OLD!!! I was also thinking that this trailer made the book look better than how I thought it was (I didn't really like the book). I would like to watch this movie, but the fact that they used older people for younger roles would bother me the whole time.... Call me wierd, it's okay. I know I'm wierd.

Well, that's all for today folks!
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I didn't like the book either, and the actors look like Bella and Jacob...weird!

Wish Emma Thompson had picked a better YA novel to star in. She's a killer actress! Why couldn't they have done Grave Mercy? Or Cinder?


I love it when people comment! :D