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The Jaz Parks series by Jennifer Rardin

Jaz Parks is a badass CIA agent who gets into a lot of trouble on every mission. Then, her boss, Pete, gives her a new position: babysit their oldest agent, Vayl, who also happens to be a vampire.

But this spells trouble for Jaz. She has the ghost of a former lover to think of as she navigates her missions with someone who might just end up as more.

And although Jaz was partnered with Vayl in an effort to curb her disastrous missions, it just seems like their missions get more and more dangerous. With this danger comes Jaz learning about herself to a point that she begins to realize that she needs more than just acquaintances; she's needs the relationships of those who love her, to survive.

Left to read in the series:

Once Bitten, Twice Shy (#1)
Another One Bites the Dust (#2)
Biting the Bullet (#3)
Bitten to Death (#4)
One More Bite (#5)
Bite Marks (#6)
Bitten in Two (#7)
The Deadliest Bite (#8)

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