Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge

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My Soul Called life

So, this challenge is being hosted by Claudia over at My Soul Called Life. The point of this challenge is to read a book each month that's title uses one of the six keywords that Claudia has given. All you have to do to enter the challenge is to give your info over at the challenge page, take the button and post it, and tweet about the challenge. Also, you know, post about the books that you're reading for the challenge. At the end of the year, Claudia will be giving away a $25 Amazon or Paypal voucher. You'll get more entries if you link your reviews, too (only allowed to link reviews one time). She also happens to have a Goodreads group dedicated to the challenge, found here.
And so, here are the keywords from June-December (since I'm late to the game).


  1. Moon
  2. In
  3. Only
  4. Whisper
  5. Sleep 
  6. Trap


  1. Rose
  2. Sun
  3. Clock
  4. Day
  5. Angel
  6. Unto


  1. Prince
  2. Boy
  3. Glass
  4. Heart
  5. Lost
  6. Now


  1. Wind
  2. Color
  3. Touch
  4. At
  5. How
  6. Sweet


  1. Rock
  2. Ghost
  3. Fall
  4. Away
  5. Sky
  6. Storm


  1. Dream
  2. Holiday
  3. And
  4. Of
  5. Dawn
  6. Beautiful


  1. End
  2. Promise
  3. Everlasting
  4. Ice
  5. Snow
  6. My

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