Book to Movie Challenge

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The Book to Movie Challenge has been thought of over at ebookclassics. The point of this challenge is to read any book that got turned into a movie, tv show, or even mini-series. Anyone can join at any point in time, as long as you link to your review posts. To sign up, you have to first post an introductory post, listing 3 adaptions that you're excited for (that are beginning this year), and answering these three questions:

1. Have you read the book and did you love/loathe it?
2. Why are you excited about the adaption?
3. What do you think of the casting?

As for mine:

  1. American Gods by Neil Gaiman
    1. I did indeed read the book, and at first, I hated it. BUT! I continued on reading it because for some reason, it just drew me in. By the end, I can't say that I absolutely loved the book because of how much it frustrated me, but I actually did like it. Neil Gaiman is just too good of an author for me to hate the book, I guess, haha. 
    2. I have to say that I'm somewhat excited because I want to see some of the scenes from the book in live-action. Like, the carousel scene. I just couldn't exactly imagine it in my mind's eye, so I want to see how the show runners paint the picture.
    3. So far, I'm lukewarm on the casting. Some of the cast members I like, but others I'm just kind of eh about. Like the actor picked for Wednesday. I just can't imagine him as anyone but Ray. Poor, poor Ray.
  2.  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J.K. Rowling
    1. No I have not read this book, and I don't know if I'll ever get to it.
    2. Okay, yes, I am really excited. As are many Harry Potter fans, probably. I mean, more Harry Potter world! (yes, I realize there's now a play).
    3. I love it. I love Eddie Redmayne. He is such a great actor, makes me want to watch everything he's been in.
  3.  Tarzan 
    1. I don't think I've ever read the orignal source material for Tarzan, but really, who in the Westernized world doesn't know the story of Tarzan and Jane?
    2. I'd have to say that I'm really pretty excited for this movie. It looks so action packed, and way more realistic than the comedy versions from years ago. I do have to say that it may be a bit more dramatic than I would prefer, though.
    3. Alexander Skarsgard. That's all I have to say. Fin. Finis. Done-o

Okay, so as I read the book to movie books, I will list them on here. If I post reviews, I will link the review through this page.

I love it when people comment! :D