About Us: Danica

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Danica, Candle Enthusiast and Blogger

G'day fellow patrons of the internet. As you may have guessed from the stereotypical greeting, I am Australian. I am also seventeen, a grade twelve student and mostly just too gay to function. My interests include dogs (the one in the picture is my very own puppy, Snickers), Rachel my girlfriend of half a year and reading many, many books. After graduating my plans are to take a gap year and then go on to study criminology, which I think is why I love reading the mystery and horror genre books so much. The only kind of books I tend to not like are romance, but I'll give anything a chance so hit me with any suggestions of books to review.
Danica Wright

 Book requirements:
  • Any age range is acceptable, I like reading easy books as well as adult fiction
  • I generally avoid romance books, but I won't absolutely not read a book that has romance
  • I love books with lgbt+ focus or characters, and I also love mystery and horror
  • Epub or PDF only, please
  • I will also accept ARCs, galleys, finished copies, and/or Indie/self-published

I love it when people comment! :D