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Cierra, Founder and Blogger

Hey, y'all! I'm Cierra (or sometimes Alex, depending on if we're using my pen name or not), who has a thing about dying my hair with red streaks and traveling. I'm a twenty year old (from the South) who loves to write and read books. So, I thought 'Why not write down how I feel about the books I read?' And now here I am! I usually go for Adult or New Adult romance books in any sub-genre, but I'll read almost any Adult or New Adult book that'll float my boat. I am currently a college student in my fourth year of study, though I'll hopefully be graduating during the school year after this one. I'm majoring in History and will be minoring in Classical Civilizations and Latin, and my dream job is to become an archaeologist (maybe I'll become the female version of Indiana Jones?). Unfortunately, though, during the school years, I will be unable to post all the time (like you guys have seen in the past year/few months), but I sincerely hope to get my head on straight and to actually blog!

Well, enough babbling about me! If you want to contact me in any way, email me at the address
~ Ciao!
Book requirements:

  • HAS to be Adult or New Adult. There's no way around that.
  • Can be any sub-genre, though I prefer anything with at least a smidgen of romance in it.
  • Can be Kindle book (mobi), Adobe eBook (PDF), or written(hardback, paperback), though I prefer the actual written work or mobi.
  • I'll accept ARCs, galleys, finished copies, or Indie/self-published.
  • If you have any questions, just email me at the below email.

I love it when people comment! :D