Guys in Fiction- Do they always need to be 'perfect'?

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So, I've noticed how in a lot of books, the guys (the love interest guys, that is) are always-- or in most cases-- "perfect". They have the perfectly sculpted body, the perfect teeth/smile, the perfect personality. But, really, how realistic is this? Should all of the guys in fictional stories just be this perfect?

I do realize that in some books, the guy has maybe some disorder, or a missing limb, or was abuse in some way when they were younger, but other than that they're perfect in any other way.

For example, in a recent book I read (that I won't be mentioning), the guy had an attractive face, good hair, perfectly sculpted body (that the MC happened to see because he was randomly shirtless). This also happened to be a YA book, so it helped perpetuate these "perfect" standards for a guy to look like to young teens that may so happen read the story.

I may be one in a minority, but I wish that there was, maybe, more 'average' guys. Maybe this sounds like a stupid request because fiction is made to be just that- fictional- but sometimes I sort of wish that the fictional guys were more lifelike in that they weren't completely perfect. Maybe he has an amazing personality, but he chews gum loudly and has an obnoxious laugh. Maybe the guy has some kind of Achilles' heel that can't simply be solved by falling in love with some girl. Or, maybe he has glasses, but they're not the cute, nerdy ones that are so popular nowadays (I actually have no problem with those glasses though, because I'm currently wearing some).

So, do you all get my drift? Maybe, I am, in fact the only person who feels this way, but oh well. I've gotten a little tired of all of the unrealistic male characters in young and new adult fiction.

That's not to say that the female characters also somewhat realistic, but that's a conversation for another time (Today, I'm just going over the guys because I've most recently read books with a female lead, and male love interest).

# End of Rant

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