Undertow by K.R. Conway

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Undertow (Undertow #1)

Author: K.R. Conway

Publisher: Self-Published

Release Date: October 11th 2013

Genre(s): Fantasy/Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

Summary (Goodreads):

Seventeen-year-old Eila Walker’s new home has defied the brutal Atlantic for over 160 years. Abandoned since her 4th great grandmother Elizabeth vanished, the town legend declares that she drowned . . . or was struck by lightning.

Unbeknownst to the town and Eila, however, is that someone does know what really happened to Elizabeth, and he has returned, determined to protect the last surviving Walker from a history of violence.

But what starts out as a quest for redemption, evolves into something more and soon young guardian, Raef, is forced to reveal the truth to Eila. As hidden secrets about their warring families come to light, Eila begins to realize that she may be their best shot at survival, even if it means following in her grandmother’s fearless footsteps to save her killer bodyguard.&

My Thoughts

Undertow was a book I could just not. put. down. (Which was a bad thing since I needed to be getting back into the swing of studying and all that school jazz but whats a girl to do) I love the new unique supernatural beings that Conway brings to the plate. It helps spice up my fantasy reading with all these vampires and werewolves being the focus since Twilight came out. It's refreshing. I looooooved the romance between Eila and Raef. Raef just had me swooning the whole time!!! like where can I find me one of him please and thank you. I literally lived to read the cute little moments between. Plus I'm a sucker for when the guy is all protective over the girl he is head over heels for. Those are the swoon worthy moments.

This book isn't just about the romance between them two, though. The major dilemma through out the story dates back to later time before Eila was born adding a different depth to the story line. I like when the story has a bit more than romance between the characters. I need a break from my little romance bubble that I spend in reading all these romancey books. This book has just that right amount of romance, adventure, and suspense.

Although I really loved this book there were some cliches that just had me thinking like really? The Aunt just happens to leave her aaaallllllll alone for an extended period of time in a new town they just moved to. Then you got the head cheerleader that hates the new girl because she steals the attention of the hot swoon worthy Raef. Yawwwnn. But I guess it's just one of those staples that are in most YA books. You just have to take the good with the bad sometimes though. It still doesn't take away from the story and I must admit sometimes I like to read those kind of books. I absolutely can not wait for the next book to come out. As soon as I finished reading Undertow I was on the hunt to find out when the next book would be out so I can continue this adventure. Lucky for me it has been published and can't wait to start reading it when I get the free time!! Overall I give this book 4 hearts for bringing my love for paranormal/fantasy books back.


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Unputdownable and the swoony romance sounds great to me

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WOW - I was just browsing through & stumbled upon your lovely blog - It looks gorgeous and it has interesting posts that I can relate to. I have to check out these new reads! I'm now following you via gfc, Hope you check out my blog? keep in touch love x

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Hey! Thanks for reading!


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