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Author: Shannon Dermott

Release Date: August 7th, 2011 

Publisher: Wicked Truth Pubishing

Summary (Goodreads):

Everyone dreams of that first kiss. Of that magic moment when your lips finally meet those of that special person you’ve waited your whole life for. A little awkward, a little scary, a little hot and every bit amazing. We speculate that the whole world will shake and time will just stop. No one, however, ever imagines that kiss to bring Death himself knocking. 

Sixteen year old Mercy Moore's life just got more complicated. The kiss that originally could have meant she would finally have a boyfriend now was the kiss that could have very nearly ended his life. A small detail her mother conveniently never told her will take her life for an abrupt u-turn. Dating, no love, was now completely and utterly impossible. And the boy well, that boy would never be the same.

But life, however cruel, goes on. Far too soon for her taste, Mercy finds herself at a senior party with the elite students of her school and her best friend. And of all things, playing a stupid game that could very well mean the death of someone in that small room. If it were not for her best friend, the hottest guys in school, and a small need to fit in, she may have been able to escape the disaster that was to come. Her worst nightmare, her personal curse, her very life, only gets dangerously worse.


My Thoughts:

At first I didn't know that this was paranormal (just looking at the cover...) but, to warn ya, it is.

So, this starts out with Mercy. She is a sixteen year old who has found out that she is part Succubus. She discovered this because with her first kiss, she almost killed the guy. After that, her mom tells her what she is ( really, shouldn't that have been said before?). Now, her mother is warning her to stay away from boys. So, she becomes friends with the boy dhe almost killed, Paul, although she still loves him.

She ends up at a party because of one of her friends. She ends up playing spin the bottle (not knowing how she got there), which isn't good because everybody knows what happens if the bottle lands on you...

So. I really liked this book! I loved that it turned out paranormal and that it was about a half succubus demon! You never really find many young adult books about that, and I think more should be made.

I liked Mercy's character, too. She really is trying her hardest to stay away from the boys because of what she is, even though there is a lot of boys attracted to her (and I'm not talking about the okay-looking ones...).

One thing that I didn't like, thought, is that it had a love triangle. I'm starting to get tired of 'em, but what can you do whan every book has them now?

Do I need to mention the three guys in this book? I think that I do... Flynn, Paul, and Sebastian. From other reviews that I've read, it seems that everybody is picking teams... If I had to pick a team, I'd pick none of them. Because I liked all three of them! Bet I gotcha, huh?

But seriously, I liked this book, all except that there is that darned (country me coming out) love triangle. So, this book got four point five (4.5) hearts!



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