Survey and Becoming a Book Lover's Report blogger opportunity!

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Hey Everybody!

So, I decided that I would create a survey, to know your thoughts, and here it is! There's about eight questions on it, so it won't take a looonnnnnggg time (like a lot of surveys do). Click here to take survey. Along with the survey, there is a link at the end for those of you who would like to become a Book Lover's Report blogger! You can either take the survey and get the link at the end of it, or you can click here if you want to apply to be a blogger.

Thanks go out to those of you that take the survey, because I can't read minds through computers, you guys (Not that I can read minds at all... darn.). Thanks to all of you who apply to become a blogger on here, too! I have realized that I have too much time and stress to continually post on here and not have at least one other blogger-partner, and I know that I don't want to completely stop blogging and close down my site. So that's where this comes from. Just so you know, I have no idea how many people I'm going to choose, so it's pretty much based on how many people apply, etc. If nobody applies, then nobody gets it. It several people apply, then I may choose one person per month.


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