Update: Yes or No?

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Hey all!

Sorry that I haven't been posting reviews for y'all recently! I promise, as soon as I get the time, I will post a review on a non blog tour book.... but for now...I REALLY need some guidance from you all.

I've noticed how A LOT of blogs change their backgrounds and the organization of the blog itself... do you all think that I should do that too? Or should I keep it how it is?

If you think that I should change it raise your hand-- no, I'm just kidding. But, seriously, if you think I should change it, would you please comment on this post? And if you think I should change it, do you have any ideas as to how you think it should look?

Thanks for your input (if you actually comment)!

Lots o' love,

- Cierra P.

P.S. Would you all think it a good idea if I add a weekly/monthly poll on the sidelines for you all to answer, so that I'd get your opinion on things? I think I may do this anyway, because it's sounding better and better...


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I have nominated you for One lovely blog award... Check the link http://booksformee.blogspot.in/2012/09/one-lovely-blogging-award.html for details..


I love it when people comment! :D